Extruder Machinery

No Dust Filtration Products, Inc. specializes in extruder machinery.

Our quality extruder machinery are competitively priced.

In addition to extruder machinery, No Dust Filtration Products, Inc. manufactures connector sleeves, cartridge filers, dust covers, and related products, to help with dust control and product containment of water, gasses, foods, beverages, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, and many others.

We are the leading manufacturer, and stock extensive inventory, for extruder machinery.

Extruder Machinery

We offer a complete line of replacement parts built to the same exacting standards as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

We are also able to custom design and manufacture extruder machinery to meet specialized operational requirements.

We have the expertise and customer service to handle your extruder machinery needs.

Our experienced parts representatives are dedicated to your success, and efficient operation, therefore same day shipping is generally available.

In addition to extruder machinery we provide copper gauze, extruder screens, granulator blades, heaters, pelletizer blades, process controls, rupture disks, brass scrapers, NMO liquid filtration bags, flex filters & loader filters, gum rubber, gaylord box covers, RDW screens, strainer baskets, connector sleeves & flexible socks, SWECO type and Rotex, and many other industrial products.

No Dust Filtration Products, Inc. is located near Houston Texas and supply extruder machinery Globally including: United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Uruguay, and Guatemala.

Contact us today for your extruder machinery needs or solutions.

NDFP has been a leading provider of dust control and product containment such as extruder machinery for over 20 years.

Let the experienced parts representatives at NDFP quickly and efficiently address your extruder machinery needs.

Our extruder machinery team will assist you in making your processing operation reliable and efficient.

NDFP wants to supply your high quality extruder machinery and other industrial equipment.

Our extruder machinery expertise ensures you get the right product the first time – so there is no down time!

At NDFP we match our extruder machinery expertise and depth of knowledge with your need.

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